"THE CURU 3rd"

Feb 23,2024- Mar 7 ,2024 @centralworld OPEN: 10:00 - 22:00

SHINSUKE IKEUCHI “More Power Everyday”


Born in Fukuoka in 1984. He has been immersed in making things since childhood, and in elementary school he was able to twirl a half-trowel with a trowel, and by junior high school he had acquired the knowledge and technical skills to win a robot contest. After learning metal engraving techniques on his own, he worked as a metal engraver, while also expanding his expressive possibilities to two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms and working as a contemporary art artist. His mixed media works using special resins bring out the fluid texture unique to metals, and his style reinterprets materials that have always been inorganic into three-dimensional, voluptuous organic matter, evoking the fundamental energy of life. , expresses the expansion of its origins. He uses materials such as tin and silver to take advantage of their characteristics and combines them with other materials to create unique works.He creates two-dimensional works of Customedia Art.